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A careful and respectful approach to living in harmony with nature.

During your experience at the Club, you are invited to discover our ethos and direction through participating in conservation and community projects that sit at the heart of our sustainable development.

Each experience at the Club offers the opportunity to reflect in your surroundings and develop a profound understanding of the Maasai's connection to their land.


safari :  /səˈfɑːri/

The Swahili meaning of safari means journey or voyage. It is this, in its many forms, which we wish to share with you at Chyulu Club.

Your own journey will take you on an unforgettable adventure in the Chyulu Hills, underpinned by ecotourism values that promote sustainable practice alongside inimitable experiences for our guests.

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Awe for adults, wonderment for children

Parents can decide to share these adventures with their children or have their own safari in the Chyulu Hills led by our Maasai guides.

Our expert team will adapt the following programme and advise activities according to the length of your family's stay and preference.

Children are invited to:

  • Explore the savannah, cloud forests, hills and wilderness.

  • Learn how wild animals can be best protected and how we can live in balance with nature, and understand the issues facing the ecosystem.

  • Work on artistic projects with the Maasai people to understand their culture and celebrate it.

  • Teach in local schools to become aware of the area's educational needs and offer practical solutions.

  • Participate in wildlife preservation and reforestation projects with the help of specialists from the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, to learn, assess and help solve the planet's conservation challenges.

A specific programme for parents can be designed with our team and can include other activities such as practising yoga and meditation, working in the tree nursery or an organic farm, wildlife spotting on foot or in electric safari Land Rovers - and even the opportunity to explore the Chyulu Hills on horse-back.

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