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A family adventure through lush nature
and boundless horizons.

Why a Club?

Share the bliss of discovering a new perspective of life: a truly transformative experience for young people and and their families interested in eco-tourism, discovering other cultures, and an experience unlike any other.


At Chyulu Club, the journey is just as important for the children as it is for the parents. Our experienced staff takes care of the children during the day while they follow the pedagogical programme. In the evenings, children and parents get together for dinner to share stories about their day.

Alternatively, a joint programme can be designed for parents with their children.

Chyulu Club Family Safari Kenya

Our Partners & Club Team

In partnership with Rosey Adventures and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT), Chyulu Club is dedicated to sharing an exceptional African experience which impacts positively on the local community and wildlife of the Chyulu Hills.

Lodge Director

Luca Belpietro

Reservations Manager

Brenda Ogoti

Purpose-built in 2020, Chyulu Club offers families a flexible stay to experience a unique adventure in Africa.

Our team is made up of experts trained in wildlife conservation, education, direction, hospitality and management.

Head Guide


Senior Guide


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