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An area that stands out for its intense, wild and protected nature.

The Chyulu Club is located in Olpusare Spring, between the sacred Chyulu Hills and the Kilimanjaro, at the heart of a Maasai ranch.

The Club is part of a regeneration project in collaboration with the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust to restore wetlands previously decimated by intensive farming.


As native wildlife return to the area, our job is to protect, conserve and increase animal presence, working with local Maasai communities and tourists to educate on sustainable practice. 


The Club also borders Tsavo National Park, and expeditions to both Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks accompanied by Maasai guides are possible during your stay.


Chyulu Club covers 800 hectares, within the 283,000 acre Maasai Group Ranch and is equipped with a private runway for transfers to and from the camp. Excursions to the Cloud Forest and Chyulu National Park are some of the magical ways to explore the Club's local setting.

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